Scientific Parenting Tips

The Scientific Parenting Tips website provides information on parenting and child development based on recent scientific articles. Parents, professionals and anyone interested in evidence-based parenting are welcome to visit the website. Scientific Parenting Tips will translate recent research findings on parenting and child development into practical advice and tips.

On the website you will find a variety of parenting topics. There are 4 categories:

Scientific Parenting TipsHome & Family: This category includes tips and advice on parenting skills and practices, social media, positive parenting, parenting classes and styles, single and co parenting, mindful parenting, and more.

School & Learning: For example, this category provides tips on parental involvement, education, homework and cognition.

Health & Wellbeing: This category will cover physical activity, nutrition, mental health and wellbeing of children and adolescents.

Social & Emotional: The last category includes tips and advice on friendships, emotion regulation, prosocial behaviour, play and problem solving.


Roselinde van Nee

The website is founded by Roselinde van Nee. Roselinde van Nee is currently working as a Marie Curie PhD student for the EU project Edulia. Her PhD will focus on nudging preadolescent children towards healthier food choices.

Why Scientific Parenting Tips?

During my Master’s in Educational Sciences and Behavioural Science (cum laude), I noticed that there is a gap between science and practice. A lot of scientific articles on parenting and child development are being published, but there is few information on how these research findings can be applied.

With this website, I would like to provide a tool for parents and professionals which can help them to apply the latest research findings on parenting and child development. By sharing this knowledge, I hope this website can help to bridge the gap between research and practice.

Do you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions? Please feel free to contact me!

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